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Data science prophet’s blogs are very informative and insightful for me , the way vrutti transfer knowledge to everyone through her blogs and webinars helps to start and grow in data science.

- Shruti Tanna

Operation executive,Infosys

I have known Vrutti for a long time and although i don’t understand everything about her profession what i can say is she is one of the most passionate, hardworking, selfconfident person I have ever known. Once I came accross her blogs and tried to understand data science concepts out of interest and the way she writes her blogs were very simple and easy to understand that any non technical person can have intuitive understanding of data science

- Darsh Baldev

Structural Engineer,Freelancer

Vrutti , I am amazed by your way of explaining concepts in the subtle manner.I have read your blogs and I can surely say that I am grateful to come across such a blog related to Data Science. Thank you so much,for writing blogs on different topics,and looking forward for more intrigue blogs. More power to you.

- Harin Joshi

Artificial Intelligence Engineer ,Pucho Inc.

Heyy vrutti, I followed and read your blogs its really helpful to me. As data science geek it really helped me. you explain each and every concept in very interesting way. Thank you for this and keep posting.

- Maulik Patadia

Natural language developer,Qlik

I am from IT background & working in development field. The emerging field of data science attracted me a lot but I was too confused to start learning data science and without any idea of what’s the limits into this. One day I came across an article on data science that was written by Vrutti Tanna and I pretty much liked the article & started finding another article written by her and those articles solved many of my doubts regarding this field. I started getting more clarity about data science when i watched her webinars on internet. Now, whenever I have doubts or confusion regarding data science, I don’t hesitate asking her for help and from the knowledge and experience that she has got she helps me. Looking forward to grow my career in this field and at last I want to thank Miss Vrutti Tanna for guiding me.

- Hari Maheshwari

Operation executive,Infosys

I am an avid follower of Data science prophet. Articles in the website are very intuitive, Articles tell all the back story or the black box theory which most of the data scientist work on without understading the theoritical part. Data science prophet fills that gap and give very in depth knowledgeable Data science Articles. I Wish all the best to Vrutti and the co authors.

- Hunaid Khan

Senior Consultant Data Science,Evosys

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