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Looking for career transition support and services in data science? Look no further! I offer personalized assistance to individuals looking to groom themselves and transition within the field.

I provide services on various levels, including

  1. 60-minute,
  2. 30-minute, and
  3. 15-minute video calls.

Interested in learning more about my services and scheduling a session? Contact me today!

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Technical Writing

As an experienced writer, I am committed to helping businesses like you communicate complex data and concepts in a way that is both interesting and accessible to your audience.

With my service, you can expect:

  • Ensure that all copy I produce meets the highest standards, enabling readers to get the most out of each piece
  • My service also includes providing feedback, editing and revising.
  • An experienced writer who understands the technical complexities of data science and can help you simplify and explain the complexities to your readers
  • A quick turn-around time for timely publication of your blog
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Data Science Consultant

I am pleased to offer my services in Freelance Business Consultancy related to Data Science. I specialise in Machine Learning Modelling, Statistics, Python and R Programming, SQL  which provide insights and compile evidence to help inform your business decisions and progress your growth initiatives.

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AnalyticReach Marketing

I offer freelance digital marketing services specially designed for data science companies. These services encompass search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, advertising, as well as management of social media channels, LinkedIn profiles, and websites. Additionally, I provide timely analytical reports to help clients track their progress and make informed decisions. I emphasize organic growth and strive to provide budget-friendly solutions aligned with the client’s business objectives. By leveraging my expertise in digital marketing, I aim to assist clients in achieving their marketing goals, increasing social presence, and achieving sustainable growth.

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