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If you are here means you guys are Data science & Machine learning enthusiastic,

If your are a newbie and beginner in this field, then I want to share some tips for you which will be very useful for you.

“Kaggle”, This word you seen many times, when you are searching for a dataset for Machine learning in google, So may be you are curious to know what is it ? and what is the use of it??

So just grab a coffee ☕ and let’s continue….

We can say kaggle is a playground for data scientist & ML enthusiastic, where you can find a dataset regarding data science. but here you can take many more benefits of kaggle.

Let’s see how you can take benifits👇

  1. Kaggle is world-level platform which is funded by google, Facebook and many more tech giants, so kaggle is very well-known platform.

  1. Here you can find millions of different types of datasets related to Machine learning, Deep learning , Data visualization and many more datasets, and not even data here you can find solutions and understanding of data which is given by members of community who have great knowledge in this field, This solutions is known by “Kernels”. Here you also can write your own kernels(means solution of given problems).
  2. You can grow your community, In this platform you will meet many experts as well as newbie also, So with good community you can learn and work in many things.
  3. You can post your questions in Discussion tab in kaggle where experts members will give you answer, even one day will come and you also can give the answer of the other’s problems.
  4. Most important part is that kaggle host big competitions related to Data science, Machine learning and Deep learning. So you can take a part in it. and this competitions is hosted by big companies. and best thing is that you can learn a lot from it, the reason is that price, actually price amount is in dollars so if you can win then you can earn great earning from it, even if you can win then companies can hire you, It will create a good impact in your profile. So you can get your dream job easily. 
  5. Now important part is that your profile standing, In kaggle it’s have amazing progressing system ,If you did great work in kernels, Datasets and discussions then you will get digital medals, with that medals your profile get ranking, if your profile is in good ranking then it will be in your favor when you will apply for any data science job.
  6. In kaggle you can create your solutions on online console, in that console you will get lots of inbuilt python libraries, good & unlimited CPU power and also you will get 30 hours of GPU/week.
  7. You will get basic courses also there.

Now just go to kaggle create profile, you can also follow me on kaggle.

Here is my profile👇

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