Hello, Guys, Spidy is back with one interesting article. The topic is how you can achieve a good score in Kaggle competition. if you don’t know what is it? then continue the reading👇.


Kaggle is a good platform for a Data Scientist and Machine learning enthusiast. In Kaggle big companies like Google, Facebook and many big MNCs give their important data to perform particular tasks. They host a competition and give their data. So now every Kaggler can take part in it and perform the task which is given by the competition host. You have to submit your result as a `.csv` file. On the base of the .csv file, you get the accuracy of your submission. On the base of your accuracy, you get the rank in the leaderboard. If you stay on top in the leaderboard until the competition over, then you can win the price. The price amount in Kaggle is always good. But in kaggle winning the competition is not an easy task because there are lots of experienced people in kaggle. But my suggestion is that you can take this competition as a challenge and you can learn many things from it. The question is how?? the answer is below👇.

So guys follow my steps to do a good performance in Kaggle competition.

    1. First of all, take part in the competition, don’t think about what rank you can achieve.
    2. Understand the data flow described in competition about page.
    3. Then try to understand the data patterns and know about what you have to predict.

This is the basic steps to just take part in any Kaggle competition.

Golden steps to perform well in the competition.

    1. Go to Notebooks page in Competition (Don’t try to copy-paste others code), you have to understand the other person code, try their logics, compare the other’s thinking of code with your code which actually you did.

  1. Watch at least 20 NoteBooks daily related to competition, observe what others did, what logics they applied, even you can research on the internet.
  2. I bet you, you will get powerful knowledge of Data science from different types of NoteBooks.
  3. Then implement your own logic and understanding in your code, and submit a prediction.
  4. Never lose a self-confidence if you got a low ranking in the leaderboard, try to improve your accuracy and your knowledge.
  5. Don’t take part in the competition by seeing the prize amount. Try to take part in the Swag & Knowledge(Kaggle Competition in which you got some small prize and Kaggle medals) competition also.
  6. Some people download submission.csv file from a good notebook and upload it to the competition. But I am telling you this is not the right way to achieve a rank in the leaderboard instead of this focus on knowledge. With some experience in Kaggle competition, you also can win the competition.

The things which I told here from my own experience. When I have taken to participate in Kaggle competition, I was at 9800 number on the leaderboard, when iI submitted my first submission, in just 15 days I improved myself and my knowledge, then my rank was 550th in the leaderboard.
If you want to start taking part in competition then start from the Titanic competition.
I followed this way and I improved my self a lot, so go and follow my way🖕

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